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Seldom has Employee Engagement been more important…. or more talked about!

As the economy improves and market confidence grows, top talent across Northern Ireland is on the move again. As competitors advance and the volume of job opportunities increases, having an engaged workforce is now more important than ever.

Here are 5 simple, and cost-effective, methods of investing in your team which could help your business reduce attrition rates whilst also increasing productivity.


Are your employees aware of future business plans? Do they feel informed of company goals and achievements? If not, the chances are they will feel excluded and if they feel excluded, they will most likely feel inconsequential.

Try to make sure that you communicate wins, new team members, promotions and any major initiatives to help teams come together. Help to ensure that your employees feel like a part of each success. Communication costs nothing but is often the main missing element in creating a true team spirit.


Foster a culture where feedback is regular. Most people thrive on personal success and being congratulated on a job well done. Remember too that feedback works both ways. Ensure that feedback from employees is invited and encouraged. A suggestion may not be implemented for good business reasons but make sure you listen, take on board any feedback and then follow up one way or another.

Whilst reactive congratulations and thanks are important, so too are regular and structured employee appraisals. Ask employees to appraise themselves. It’s important that managers and employees alike are self-evaluating.


How do you react when your team achieves its goal? Business as usual? Celebrate together as a team. Successes (big and small) should be marked, noted and celebrated. This goes a long way!

Mark personal events or milestones for your employees e.g. promotions, birthdays, engagements, weddings etc. This helps to bring teams together and creative an inclusive atmosphere.


Give staff clear guidelines and parameters. Set goals and let employees manage own their workload. If goals or targets are clearly communicated and regular feedback is given, employees will take ownership and accountability and will feel invested in.

The world’s most successful leaders believe that in order to inspire you should hire great people and then step aside!


What would be the impact of allowing individuals to work remotely? Could this add to their productivity or reduce absenteeism? Could offering flexibility surrounding working hours increase the pool of talent available to your organisation?

Flexibility is met with thanks. Employees in this frame of mind are far more likely to be more productive. It’s worth considering….

As a recruitment professional, it may seem unusual for me to be encouraging a reduction in staff turnover. What’s more important to us here within the Brightwater Group, however, is that we can attract candidates for roles within organisations that we can promote genuinely and positively – roles within which our candidates will succeed and thrive within companies we can engage with on a long term basis.

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