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A job interview is nerve-racking enough but throw in unfamiliar technology and the number of potential pitfalls increase exponentially. Don’t worry, BrightStar has outlined some e-interview tips to make you a Skype success!


1. Create a professional Skype ID

• While ‘BiggestBoybandFanEver’ might be an amusing Skype ID when calling friends and family who know your love for One Direction, it does not look very professional at the bottom of the screen when interviewing for a job. So, remember to keep it professional!


2. Get the technology right

• If you haven’t used Skype before, do a trial session beforehand. Anticipate any possible technology failures and have a back-up plan.

• If the sound goes, don’t panic, switch to using instant messaging to arrange an alternative time/plan.

• Remember that your interviewer may not be tech savvy and you may need to coach them through any technical faults on their part.

• Always get a telephone number just in case you need to finish the interview by a traditional phone call offline.

• If you’re not on high speed broadband, make sure no-one at home is trying to download data at the same time as this may interfere with your reception.

• Never rely on 3G for your Skype interview – the connection is just not guaranteed. So make sure you’re on a reliable wi-fi network.


3. Get ready for your close-up

• This is not a comfy chat at home but an interview so treat it as if you are meeting the interviewer in the flesh.

• Make sure you are smartly presented – don’t make the mistake of dressing like a news anchor and being scruffily dressed from the waist down! If something goes wrong and you have to get up, your interviewer will get a full view of what you’re wearing so play it safe and dress well!


4. Create a calm environment

• Make sure you’re in a well-lit, quiet and tidy room.

• If possible, make sure the space behind you is a plain backdrop. Even a bookshelf in the background can be distracting for an interviewer as they may spend their time looking through your reading choices!

• Close any windows so that any outside noise is minimized.
• If you’re using a mobile device, make sure your push notifications are off. You don’t want to be distracted by pop-ups and invites to parties during your interview!


5. Body language

• This is just as important as what you say – make sure the interviewer is the sole focus of your attention. If you do want to refer to notes, ensure that they are pasted to either side of your computer / mobile device rather than a notepad balanced on your lap!

• Remember to look directly at your web-cam rather than simply at your screen so that you can keep eye contact with your interviewer.

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