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It’s a great time to be working as an administrator at the moment with lots of opportunities in various industries across the country. However, one thing that we’ve noted is that administrators are selling themselves and their skills short by simply using the umbrella term ‘administrator’ when talking about their roles.  In fact, there are many different types of administrators across scores of industries. Whether you realise it or not, the kind of experience you’ve gained and the industries you’ve worked in can make you stand out as a specialist when applying for jobs.   For the same reason that engineers would categorise themselves as ‘mechanical’ engineers, ‘electrical’ engineers or other – administrators should be focusing on the areas that they specialise in to stand out from the competition at application stage.


Reflecting on your own work history, are you a:


Health and Safety Administrator

Customer Service Administrator

Marketing Administrator

Logistics Administrator

Resource Administrator

Sales Administrator

Recruitment Administrator

Legal Administrator

Data Administrator

Contracts Administrator


In order for candidates to be successful, they need to ensure that they understand their industry and the area of the business that they support.  This will show prospective employers that you can add value to the business through your existing knowledge and also that you’ll require less training than a less experienced candidate.


Here are some things you should consider when next updating your CV.


Thinking about the role you’re applying for, what previously held job titles will the recruiter want to see? You should never lie on your CV, but if you can elaborate on relevant skills to the position then make sure you include the keywords they will be looking for.


Does your job title describe what you really do? For example, if your official title was ‘Administrator’ and you were heavily involved in the reporting of sales, don’t be afraid to say you were a ‘Sales Administrator’.  Not only does it sound better, it instantly explains the nature of your work without the need for further reading.


You may also look at the industry you’ve worked in and expand upon this. For example, if you’ve worked for a law firm then you may class this job as a ‘Legal Administrator’.  To make the title even more precise, look at which area of the business you support, e.g. ‘Contracts Administrator’.


Another thing to include when talking about your previous work experience is the size and type of team/environment you’ve worked in and who you reported to.  This is important to recruiters when trying to find a good fit within a company and shows them immediately whether you’d suit the role they’re hiring for.


In conclusion – revisit your CV, and anywhere you’ve written ‘administrator’, elaborate on it to ensure that your experience shines through your job title.  When it comes to job hunting, don’t sell yourself short!



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