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Hiring a temporary worker can be a great way to deal with a short-term problem, for whatever the reason, while nurturing a long-term solution.


Perhaps a colleague has departed suddenly and you now have an additional work load, perhaps you need to cover maternity leave, whilst ensuring the team doesn’t lose productivity, perhaps you are struggling to find the time to recruit additional support to meet seasonal demands. We have all felt the pain of being short a team member.


A temporary worker can be a fast hire who makes an immediate difference to your workload. No time wasted, all you need to let us know is your deadline and we do the rest.


So you have made the decision to hire a temp through an agency, what’s next?

  • BrightStar will initiate candidate attraction and contact our pool of immediately available talent
  • BrightStar will screen each CV against your criteria
  • BrightStar will pre-interview suitable candidates and gather 2 references on each candidate before presenting their CV to you
  • BrightStar will arrange interviews at a time that suits you
  • BrightStar will liaise with the successful candidate, confirm starter details, and place onto a temporary contract and pay them each week
  • BrightStar will do regular check ins with both yourself and the temporary worker to make sure all is going smoothly


In short, we do all the hard work so you don’t have to.  


For more information or if you would like to have a discussion on how temps could help your organisation you can contact:



Jessica  Email Now – 02890 325 325



Emma or Karyn  Email Now – 01 662 1000



Marguerite  Email Now – 021 422 1000


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