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Having spent many years in the recruitment industry, it pains me to hear a client say, “Recruitment consultancies are too expensive”.

Like any service, value should supersede cost.

If your recruitment consultant is doing their job well, you should walk away from the process feeling as though every penny was justified.

If that’s not the case, perhaps this list of what you should expect from your recruitment consultancy could form a good reference point for future hires in deciding who to choose.

Face time

All recruitment campaigns should start with a meeting during which your recruiter should be listening to your needs.

Spending this time with your chosen recruiter at the beginning of the process will be time well spent as it will ensure they have a real understanding of your organisation, the specifics of the role and a real “feel” for what you need in your next team member.

It’s also a brilliant chance to make sure your recruiter understands your company’s USPs and what would really make your job leap out to the best candidates versus other companies hiring the same type of person.

You wouldn’t hire your next employee without having met with them first. How could a professional recruiter successfully identify the best candidate fit for you or your organisation without a face to face meeting?

Advice / Consultation

A true recruitment specialist will be able to guide and advise you. They should have their finger on the pulse in terms of candidate availability and be able to give you market information in order to ensure that your hiring process will attract the very best talent.

If the best candidates in the market are looking for a higher salary than you’re currently considering, a top recruiter will let you know and advise how to best move forward. If your expectations about what skills and experience are available based on your salary on offer aren’t realistic, a top recruiter will let you know and advise how to best move forward.  It’s easy for anyone to over-promise and under-deliver but to offer a true consultancy service you need honesty.

The best recruiters should instil in you the confidence to trust them and let them guide you towards sourcing the best talent available.

Structure & Control

Every recruitment campaign should have a target timeline with key dates laid out.  From setting a closing date to arranging shortlisting and interview schedules, all parties (i.e. you, your recruiter and the applicants), should be aware of what the process and timeframe will be.

Your recruiter should be able to help you with this schedule due to their understanding of the market, your requirements, notice periods etc. A structured hiring process is normally a successful hiring process and ensures that the best candidates don’t “drop out” of the process due to things dragging on and other employers snapping them up.

A top recruiter has a key role to play in this process by making sure that applicants are communicated with at all stages of the process and that any potential snags or issues along the way are handled before they can become an issue.

A recruiter “working on” a vacancy without face time, the professionalism to give you honest advice or control and structure to your hiring process is likely to be ineffective…..and probably would seem quite expensive!

To find out how BrightStar (part of the Brightwater Group) can help to bring value to your recruitment process, get in touch with our specialist recruiters in Belfast, Dublin or Cork.  We’d be delighted to deliver on these promises.

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