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A recent survey revealed that 93% of recruiters use social media for hiring.  LinkedIn is most popular social network they utilise, followed by Facebook and Twitter.   If you’re in the middle of a job search, there’s a fairly high chance that a potential employer will check you out online during the process.  That’s why it’s more important than ever to make sure your online presence doesn’t reflect you in a bad light, and we’ve got some advice for you on how to whip things into shape:


Have a look


Go through your social media profiles and have a look at what’s on there.  If you trawl back several years there may be some questionable material on there that you wouldn’t like a potential boss seeing (such as the time you fell asleep at a hen party or pics of drinking games at uni!).  Don’t be afraid to de-tag/delete anything that might come across as a bit dodgy.


Change Privacy Settings


The best way to ensure only your friends and family see your posts is to modify your privacy settings.  All the social networks have options under the account settings section that allow you to control who can see your updates – so be sure to make use of them.


Know what is good or bad on social


When surveyed, recruiters looked very unfavourably upon swearing, bad spelling/grammar and references to drugs, sex and alcohol on social networks.  On the other hand; hobbies, volunteering and charitable status updates were given a big thumbs up.  We’re not saying to pretend you’re an angel on facebook and twitter – just be aware of what type of content could hurt you in your job hunt.


Complete your LinkedIn profile


LinkedIn is the recruiter’s new favourite weapon in finding and vetting potential candidates.  Take the time to fill out your profile with all of your work experience, qualifications, skills and examples of work.  This extra information will expand upon what’s in your CV and hopefully give you the edge on other candidates.


So to sum it all up, social media needn’t be seen as a negative thing in your job search.  Recruiters who find a positive online presence may be more likely to offer you the job than someone who comes across as unprofessional.  Finding a job can be difficult enough without letting yourself down online so be smart about social!



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