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We know what summer is like – the sun is blazing, you’re so much more relaxed and what’s more your friends are begging you to join them on the terrace with the promise of mojitos.  Who could be bothered with searching for jobs in your free time, and sure no companies are hiring over the summer anyway?  Wrong!

Employers don’t stop hiring staff just because the weather is nice outside!  In fact, summer is the ideal time to rev-up your search as many job seekers put theirs on hold; giving you the competitive advantage in landing that dream job.  July and August can be less busy for many industries which gives hiring managers more time for interviewing candidates and improves your chance of getting in front of them.

When you’re lying in the garden getting a tan, instead of reading a book try using this time to update your CV, spruce up your social media presence and draw up a list of potential employers to target.  Besides getting bronzed you’ll feel more productive and deserving of ice cold refreshments at the end of the day.  When shopping for summer beachwear you could also take the chance to refresh your working wardrobe for the warm weather.

The main issue you will come across with your summer search is scheduling – interviewers may have their own holidays booked that could potentially draw out an otherwise speedy recruitment process.  However this can also work in your favour; sometimes managers will fast-track the process so that they have you on-board the company before they head off!

Summer can also be an opportune time for attending interviews.  As workplaces are more relaxed about leave in July and August, no-one in your current company will raise an eyebrow at you taking a day off here and there to meet a potential new employer.  Why not go a step further? Take a week off solely for your hunt, scheduling interviews every day and concentrating all your efforts on getting that new job.

A great way to get your ‘foot in the door’ of a company you’d really like to work for is to consider applying for temporary positions.  Companies need temporary cover for employees taking extended holidays; if you can get in and impress them then the chances of your temporary role becoming a permanent one are greatly increased!

So what are you waiting for?  Think of how much more you could enjoy your summer knowing that there is a better job waiting for you at the end of it.  Contact BrightStar Recruitment today who will offer you every assistance in making this Summer the most successful one yet!

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