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Traditionally, temp and contract work has been viewed as providing a gentle transition back into the workforce for people who have taken a career break. While this is still the case, temp and contract work is also a fantastic opportunity for ambitious jobseekers to take their first steps into their dream industry!

As the Irish economy rebounds, new job announcements are a daily occurrence and talented temps are turning into key permanent team members with more and more frequency.


report by Fieldglass has just confirmed what we at BrightStar have been experiencing first hand – contract work is booming! And it’s the way of the future. According to the report, 63% of enterprises use temp staff to acquire skills essential to executing particular, specialised projects.

Also, nearly half of organisations involved with the study noted that external workers can provide necessary skills that may be currently lacking in the organisation.

Consider the perspective of a recovering company in Ireland – it takes on temporary staff to meet the business’ basic needs during the tougher times but, once things improve and it’s in a position to hire more staff, the first place internal recruiters are going to look is at their temp staff, who have been working under their noses on a daily basis.


Basically, working as a temp gives you the opportunity to be on the inside and ultimately gives you a huge advantage over external candidates when applying for full-time jobs.

With the obvious advantages of temp work remaining – flexibility, rich variety of experience, work-life balance and so on – now is the opportune moment to snap up temp work in the industry you’re aiming to make your own.

By viewing your temp job as an extended job interview and by proactively looking add value, you will be first in line for that attractive full-time post as soon as it becomes available.

So, whether you’re an up-and-coming legal secretary or an aspiring customer service whiz, temp work can be your first step in a long and exciting career in your area of choice.

Our website is bursting with new roles, waiting for you to snap them up!

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