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Two questions our temporary recruitment specialists are often asked when a client is considering hiring a temporary employee are:

  • Can I hire on a temporary basis and then offer permanency if they are right for the role?
  • Can I offer a role on a temp to perm basis from the outset?

The answer is YES! This style of recruitment can lead to more confident hiring, since the candidate will go through a “try before you buy” period to ensure fit and skills are right. PLUS you still have peace of mind that you are not committed to a permanent hire and always have flexibility.  Reasons which employers might want to go down this route might include:

  • They’re unsure that headcount will be approved for a permanent job
  • They are hoping to win new business which would justify a new permanent hire
  • They want the flexibility of a temporary employee before committing to a permanent hire

But what is the attraction to the worker? Why sign up for a temporary assignment?

Temporary assignments are an alternative option for candidates seeking permanent roles but sometimes job seekers can be nervous about taking this route. But what if there was a possibility that they could turn that temp position into a permanent one? While there are no guarantees in a temporary role, there are things that they will do to make sure that they prove themselves in the role and stand out from the crowd. The best temps will treat their temporary assignment as if it were a permanent job showing high levels of professionalism and pride in their work.

Employing someone on a temporary contract with a chance of a long term career if they perform well can be a great motivating factor. Candidates aware that the position has an option of going into a permanent one, will put in the extra effort. They will be available, flexible and indispensable.

If you would like to discuss temporary to permanent roles, please contact our specialist temporary recruitment specialists in Belfast, Dublin or Cork

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